Clancy Pendergast? Todd Orlando? Nope, Don Pellum and Justin Hopkins of Duck Territory are reporting this morning on Twitter that Don Pellum is going to be named as the new Oregon defensive coordinator. If so, given the candidates considered and their track records, the initial reaction is that this is a shocking and disappointing development. The linebackers were the main problem […]


Ducks polish off Cal Poly 82-61

by Brian Mahuna, DSH basketball columnist   In the third game in as many days there were questions as to how well conditioned the Ducks would be and if their performance would suffer. After drubbing Cal Poly 82-61 in a wire to wire route, the answer was a resounding NO.             The Ducks again posted […]

Duck droppings: tidbits, notes and observations from the bye week

Fans who stay through the second half get glimpses of the future. In the 3rd quarter Tennessee had 3rd and 9 on the Oregon 43 after putting together a couple of first downs against the 2s. Quarterback Justin Worley delivered a pass over the middle at the sticks to Josh Smith, and redshirt freshman defensive […]

What to watch for in tomorrow’s game, and what to ignore

Nicholls is a good first-game matchup for Oregon in one respect: they are a multiple-look, multiple formation team on both offense and defense, so they will present the Ducks with problems to solve at the line of scrimmage. It will be a great test of what younger players and players in increased roles have learned […]

Marcus Mariota makes the cover of college football’s Rolling Stone

Duck quarterback Marcus Mariota is the regional cover boy for Sports Illustrated’s College Football Issue. The Webfoots last won this honor with Jeremiah Masoli in 2009. Keep in mind, the SI cover jinx is a classic case of selective memory and sample size, like when folks point to the two and three-stars that become All-Americans. […]


Winning the off season one weekend at a time

Two news updates on Saturday made yesterday’s column a lie or a jinx. The Eugene Register-Guard’s Rob Moseley blogged running back Tra Carson is transferring (confirmed by a team source), and in another story Jack Moran of the Guard reported that wide receiver/slot back/running back Josh Huff was arrested for DUII and driving without a […]


After the hype and press conferences, they have to play a game

With practices closed, hard news is scarce leading up to the Rose Bowl. Fans looking for signs of resolution and readiness have to sift through the sound bites and scour little tidbits from the pressers and open periods, and there isn’t much. Analysts pore over old film and history, trying to characterize a game that, […]

Duck Stops Here on Radio

On the air with Andrew Coppens of for a Rose Bowl preview. (Link to the Podcast below):   On Friday, we’ll be appearing on The Johnny Ballgame Show, 1450 AM LaGrande for a Rose Bowl Preview at 3:45 p.m.


Rose Bowl facts and friction: Wisconsin versus Oregon

One expert already predicts the Badgers to win. Rob Moseley of the Register-Guard, beat writer extraordinaire among Duck fans, has the game 28-24, Wisconsin. Moseley, having picked Oregon to beat Ohio State, Auburn and LSU, now says the Ducks have to prove it, outplaying their opponent in a big game instead of falling flat. The […]

Duck Stops Here on blogtalkradio, Wisco Badgers Rose Bowl special

Appearing Wednesday night, 6 p.m. Pacific, on The Wisconsin Badgers Power Hour, a blogtalkradio special Rose Bowl preview with host Andrew Coppens of and special guest Charles Davis, college football analyst for Fox Sports. Here are the details and a link: Andy Coppens super excited for tomorrow nights Badgers Power Hour w/ guests Dale […]

Going bowling: how Chip Kelly and the Ducks avoid another gutter ball in a BCS game

Wisconsin is a good, solid football team with many weapons. But the good news is they don’t have the physical, overpowering defensive line that Auburn or Ohio State had. It’s a much better matchup for the Ducks. They will still have to play very well to win. photo left: Darron Thomas needs to be accurate […]

On Christmas Day Oregon fans count their Duck blessings

Sports, Howard Cosell once said, is the toy department of human life. On a day devoted to the exchanging of toys and keepsakes, it’s appropriate to take a moment and consider what a blessing the Ducks have been in 2011. Duck fans have a special gleam in their eye this year. Winning is exhilarating. Those […]


What Matt Barkley’s decision means for the Ducks

This afternoon at Heritage Hall on the campus of the University of Southern California, Matt Barkley announced that he’s passing up the NFL draft to return for his senior season with the Trojans. His 11-2 squad immediately becomes one of the preseason favorites for the national title, and Barkley just as instantly became the frontrunner […]

Trading places: A Wisconsin blogger says why Oregon will win the Rose Bowl

Special Guest Post by Andrew Coppen, writer/editor for As part of the ongoing agreement with The Duck Stops Here we bring you our 2nd feature in Opposition Recon and it’s a bit different than anything we’ve really done before, we’re giving the opposition the reasons they will win the Rose Bowl.  So, Ducks fans, […]


Trading places in the Rose Bowl matchup: How the Grinch could steal the Granddaddy

[Editor’s note: second in our series with new bloguin website, writer/editor Andrew Coppen has agreed to trade places with The Duck Stops Here. He’s writing the Oregon-will-win piece, and DSH, below, is writing the tale of the abominable and unthinkable, a Wisconsin victory and a third straight Oregon loss in a BCS bowl.] In […]

LaMichael James says the Ducks are hungry, and that is a very good sign

Hunger is good. Hunger makes you strong, makes your senses sharp, gives you energy and focus. LaMichael James says the Ducks are hungry for a bowl win this year, and they are practicing with great intensity. After practice yesterday he told Ken Goe of the Oregonian: “It’s like we haven’t ate in two years,” UO […]