You want big? You want quick? You want powerful? Jordan Simmons can win the line of scrimmage

He’s 6-5, 325 as a high school junior, from Crespi High, the school that brought the Ducks Hroniss Grasu and Bryan Bennett.  Jordan Simmons is a man-mountain of blocking effectiveness, and Steve Greatwood and the Oregon staff are eager to have him put on green and yellow.  Take a look why:

Simmons has an awesome combination of size and mobility. He drives his powerful arms through defenders as if saying, “You’d better take a seat, son. Flat on your back is good too.” If you’re looking for linemen who can handle elite defensive linemen and elite size and quickness, Simmons is the answer. He’ll be one of the most sought-after recruits in the country. Watch him slide out and block the stretch play, and dream of Lache Seastrunk and Tra Carson running for a zillion yards. That is, if the world doesn’t end tomorrow.