Oregon recruiting: Corey Whitaker is a big man with a big upside

Recruiting websites give Corey Whitaker three stars, but the recruiting websites don’t coach for the Oregon Ducks. Watch his highlight tape below and count more pancakes than a Saturday morning at IHOP. Whitaker, a 6-5, 275-lb. left tackle from Vista High in Murrieta, California, is agile and athletic, just the way Steve Greatwood likes them. He stays on a block and a has a touch of the nasty streak that makes Tyler Johnstone and Andre Y such great prospects next year after redshirting in 2011.

Whitaker has the athletic ability to get out in front of his tailback, crunching linebackers and safeties downfield. He busts ’em. With conditioning, a college training table and meal plan and a year in the weight room, he will be a very capable lineman. He really drives, finds his target, and plays with intelligence. Watch the way  he walls off and seals the edge. He’s extremely strong and drives off the line with authority.

Corey squats 465 and runs a 4.9 40, excellent for his size. He also sports a 3.4 G.P.A. Oregon favors smart offensive linemen–it fosters the cohesiveness needed for the up tempo offense and zone blocking. He’d be a great fit, and Duck fans should be delighted if he’s part of the 2012 class.

He’s a little upright off the line but really delivers a blow. That stuff’s teachable.

(Hat tip: reader jpsmith, who sent along the video via Twitter.)