Oregon recruiting: Bralon Addison one to covet from Aggie cupboard

ihigh.comaddisonWith Chip Kelly staying, Oregon would be the perfect place for Bralon Addison, a 5-10, 180-pound explosive athlete/wide receiver from Hightower High in Sugarland, Texas.

Addison is scheduled to visit this weekend, and although he committed to Texas A&M back in May he’s taken recent trips to Arkansas and now Oregon. He’s a remarkable, dynamic talent who played dual-threat spread quarterback in high school, racking up 2158 yards passing with 22 tds, 1625 yds rushing with 20 tds as a senior. According to 247sports.com, “Addison led the Hightower football team to the 5A Division II state title game in 2011, just nine months after leading the Hurricanes to the 5A state-semi finals on the hardwood as a point guard.”

Flies like a Duck: Bralon Addison would thrive in the blur-fast Oregon offense. He’s the kind of player Chip Kelly excels at creating for (ihigh.comphoto).

In his highlight film, the versatile speedster, who combines 4.4 speed in the 40 with a 3.1 G.P.A. shows a point guard’s great athletic instincts in seeing openings and distributing the ball. In 238 pass attempts this season he completed 56% with only 3 interceptions, a disciplined, coachable leader with great confidence and poise.

Scouting Notes:

Long strider who chews up the open field, good vision, a terrific open field runner who works well against the grain and cuts a full speed, decisive, tough to bring down and smart, a playmaker. Smooth. He glides and jets. Runs with a lot of confidence, trusts his speed, slashes upfield.

Sets up blockers, breaks down defenders one-on-one like a point guard going to the rack. Shreds defenses. The most determined athlete on the field, never afraid to call his own number at quarterback. If he moves to wide receiver he’ll want the ball and work relentlessly to get open, be looking to make a big play on every touch, but he’s so efficient working quickly upfield that he’ll get the most even out of routine plays. Will not be denied close to the goal line. Smells it, cunning and bold.

As a quarterback he sees the field well and makes very good decisions. Not an elite arm but plenty of athletic ability and leadership. Gets the ball out and delivers it with accuracy and zip. Throws a fade over the outside shoulder perfectly, drops back with neat, quick steps.

Devastating on a scramble, toying with the pursuit. They can’t touch him. Pump fakes, rolls left, they cluster and lose contain right, scoots down the right sideline without being touched. Owns this level of competition, eyes upfield, dodging, scampering out of trouble, rights himself and flings a 20-yarder to a wide-open receiver with a clear path to run for a 50-yard td. Balanced, poised, very comfortable out of the shotgun. Probably not a college quarterback at 5-10, 182 but you respect his ability to create and lead.

Would be crazy good in a role like Josh Huff’s, at slot receiver where he can get a variety of touches, another weapon impossible to cover one-on-one.

Very quick transition from scanning the field, seeing an opening and pulling it down to run. Throws from the shoulder and takes something off it for the running back in the flat, but zips the next one crisply between defenders on the slant and the hook. Smart with the football. Distributes well, up on his toes. Has that coiled-spring quickness of good athletes, a bounce in his step, quick acceleration, the zoom. Great natural instincts.

Powers in on the swinging gate play. Has a lot of finesse but knows when to be old school and physical. Great body control and coordination. Waits and sees, delivers the ball with good timing on a fade to the end zone for a score.

Good hands. Takes a shotgun snap into his hands cleanly and calmly, brings it right up to throwing position as he starts immediately to go through his progressions sharply. One, two, it’s on me to make a play. Great balance, very tough to bring down, compact and low center of gravity, defense rarely gets a good shot at him. 3:55 spin move, cut and cut, scrambles out of trouble for a 50-yard run looking very Mamba-like, stop/start, sets up one more block to get another 20.

Can take a shot, absorb the blow and then accelerate right through. Fearless about contact and gets a lot of yards after contact due to his balance and determination. Protects his body well in traffic. Throws a rainbow on the deeper ball but he hits receivers in stride and picks the right one. Reads his options calmly. Could play receiver, running back, cornerback or wildcat, another with Tazr ability, a perfect fit for Oregon putting four scary playmakers on the field spread out across the formation. He’d thrive with speed in space. Finishes runs driving forward and hops up. Great energy on the field, like Walter Payton, that sprung, durable, aggressive quality, a natural leader that sets a tone of toughness. A football player.

Very well-coached running his offense, which suggests he takes coaching well. Not all talented players do. Slings and flings the ball but gets it there, doing the most with his physical ability as a thrower/athlete. Throws the 15-yard out sharply but couldn’t throw the 25, but that’s okay.

Defense can hit him hard without knocking him down because of his tremendous leg strength and coordination. With five yards to the goal and creases, it’s almost unfair. Again out of the swinging gate, he just waits a second for an opening to develop and cuts into it. In space, he’s utterly devastating. Like Barner, he just needs a crease and sees one quickly.