Results of The Coveted Tee Shirt Contest, Oregon 59, Tennessee 14

After stumbling and looking out of synch in the game’s first 9 minutes, the Ducks scored 59 unanswered points and 8 touchdowns in 8 possessions in a 59-14 win over Tennessee. Marcus Mariota led the electric offensive effort with 456 yards passing, while the defense used stifling pursuit to limit big plays, holding the Vols to a single touchdown in the first quarter until a late drive against the 2s and 3s.

Here are the results of the second-ever Duck Stops Here tee shirt contest. For those who came agonizingly close to winning, you can order your custom-made, collector’s item, never-before duplicated, distinctive, stylish and amazingly sexy shirt using the PayPal button below. Please email your size to duckstopshere.com; Paypal provides your shipping information and email.


You can own one of these collector’s item first edition beauties for just $17, plus $3 for shipping. Or you can win one by winning the next weekly prediction thread, posted each Friday. On the other hand, you can wait until next February when we’ll be burning the unsold inventory to ward off the winter cold.

To order, send an email to duckstopshere@yahoo.com specifying your size and quantity.

Contest entries:

zduckfan 42-13 Ducks. “Mariota has to step up his first half performance.” (18)

TCrites Oregon 52-17. “Duck D proves they can play with the Tennessee big offensive line. Ducks win big with explosion plays.” (10)

GlennHanna Oregon 48-24. “Tennessee’s D seems to be having some good success, at least in the turnover department, which is why I’m keeping Oregon under 50.” (21)

SonomaDuck Oregon 52-10. “Oregon in control by the end of the 1st quarter.” (11)

BearsHazyDaze Ducks – 58 Vol’s – 6. “Aliotti’s defense works perfectly.” (9)

MichaelGiambattista 55-20, Ducks. “Vols keep it close for a quarter or two, but they will be sucking air and blowing snot bubbles by the 4th quarter.” (10)

WallyBalls 52-20 final score. “Tennessee will score a TD early, but won’t keep pace, tossing in a meaningless TD late. Marcus will improve his accuracy, completing close to 65%.” (13)

Brownstone1 Oregon 49-21 (21)

rgyle 52-20. “4 quarters of scheme, talent, speed, skill, tempo and depth. Cunningham is a biased, jealous husky.” (13)

enumclawduck Ducks 45 – 17. “Vols defense “stifles” Ducks for only 10 in first quarter then becomes winded and blasted for 23 more before halftime.” (17)

GiantDuckFan Oregon 37-23. “Tennessee, feeling disrespected, will start the game fired up and maybe take the lead.” (21)

nyduck (Week 2 co-winner) oregon ducks 55 – tennessee volunteers 23. “I like the ducks to cover the current spread at 28 points…This is the game for Mariota to get his passing accuracy straightened out…we will again see that speed kills.” (13)

Duckbill Oregon 41-17. “Huff and Addison…put on the show.” (17)

DrakeMallard O-56, UT-17 “total combined offense 1005.” [actual 1003–great job Drake] (4)

RaymondLaw1 Oregon 51 Tennessee 17 “MM is ready for a break out passing game.” About the announcers: “I don’t think I can sit through another game of these guys. ” (11)

hoboduck 52-17 Ducks. His wife predicts Cunningham is an a**hole. She wins a bonus DSH tee shirt. What’s her size hobo? (10)

lexusduck 38-20 Ducks. (27)

NormVanbrocklin 45-13 Ducks. (15)

Drake Mallard, you are the next prediction idol at The Duck Stops Here. Winners should email size and shipping information to duckstopshere@yahoo.com, or you can pick up your shirts at the Duck Sports Authority tailgate on September 28, located across MLK by the grass fields on the west side of the stadium.

New York Duck and Duckified won in week two, and DSH headquarters still has your shirts available.