Steady improvement in the Oregon defense a great sign for conference title push

Don Pellum’s defense had their most complete performance of the year against Washington. Following a three-quarter shutdown of UCLA, it suggested the Ducks are coming around as a defensive football team. They’re getting timely turnovers, key stops, and more pressure on the quarterback, and last Saturday at least, they looked tougher against the run. Washington […]


Ducks care with the football is vital part of their 6-1 start

Oregon’s defense is far from perfect, but it’s the perfect complement to the high-powered Oregon offense. The Ducks have managed to get a few key stops every game, and in the last two games, they’ve gotten the Quack Attack a couple of short fields and easy scoring opportunities with timely turnovers. At UCLA Tua Talia […]


Impressive thing about the 2014 Ducks is that they keep improving

The most encouraging thing about the 2014 Ducks is that they keep improving. The airwaves and websites this week are full of talk about resumes and projections, who-faces-who and who can run the table, but credit the players and coaching staff at Oregon for remaining committed to becoming a better and more versatile team than […]


Shaw shoulders blame for Cardinal struggles

In a story by David Lombardi of, Stanford coach David Shaw took responsibility for his team’s recent struggles. The Cardinal fell to 4-3 Saturday after a 26-10 loss to Arizona State. Shaw told the reporter, “I’ve done a poor job of structuring our offense so that our guys can be successful.” Stanford’s having trouble scoring […]


The Last Jihad

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years in killing of girlfriend –Washington Post news bulletin, 24 hours ago. [Sports brushes up against the real world nearly every day, sometimes in horrible ways. What follows is the most horrible way imaginable. The following fictional story contains graphic images, fear and violence. It's intended as a reminder that […]


Ducks face Bears, this time without the sheets of slantwise rain

Next up for the Ducks is the Cal Bears after an abbreviated week of practice, 7:15 Friday night in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers. Cal features an improved gun-slinging quarterback in Jared Goff. He’s operated Sonny Dykes’ Bear Raid offense masterfully as a 2nd-year starter, 24 touchdown […]


Playoff picture muddled one week before first vote

Next week the College Football Playoff Committee releases their first ballot, and while the Ducks are clearly in the argument at 6-1, it’s a muddled picture. Action on the field should sort this out but right now there are four undefeateds and 15 one-loss teams in the Top 25. Hopefully the committee takes in to […]


Voice of the fan: any day is a good day to beat the Dawgs

by Mike Hayden “Walking the dog I’m just a walking the dog.  If you don’t know how to do it I’ll show you how to walk the dog”. OK I’ll admit I was a little nervous before the game and now I am embarrassed for being so.  I should have known the Huskies would circle […]


Ducks poised for title run, but have to remain watchful on the wall

Winter is coming. Stark words indeed, and made more so by the realization that there are just five games left in the college football season. The Ducks have put themselves in perfect position to win the PAC-12 North and make the first Division One playoff, but they have to endure some night watches to make […]

Washington at Oregon, game thread

Arik Armstead is in uniform, with his ankle heavily taped, taking warm-up reps with the first unit. Temperature at game time is 79 degrees, 10 percent chance of rain. Ducks are in the 1994 throwback uniforms complete with yellow facemasks.


Day in college football includes several games with Duckplications

Week 8 of college football features several games that impact the Ducks in their chase for college football’s first playoff. Of course the chase no longer has relevance if Oregon slips up against Washington tonight in Autzen Stadium. The Huskies bring a tough defense, a sound running game and two explosive wide receivers to the […]

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A lesson from history, on revenge in full measure

Long before Shakespeare got hold of his legend, Julius Caesar was abducted by pirates on the Aegean Sea. He was 25, on his way to Rhodes to study Rhetoric. The pirates demanded a ransom of 20 talents (620 kilograms of silver) equal to more than half a million dollars at the present price of silver. […]